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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Biofilm formation.

Several IU microbiologists study bacterial multicellular behavior, such as biofilm formation.

green cells on a dark blue background

Current News

  • The Johnson Center for Innovation and Translational Research awarded Translational Research Pilot Grants to Rich Hardy, Cheng KaoArmin Moczek, Dean Rowe-Magnus, and Mike WadeThe center works with IUB researchers to identify discoveries that hold commercial potential. [ IU news release ]
  • Developmental Biology cover article is "Two temporal functions of Glass: Ommatidium patterning and photoreceptor differentiation" by Xulong Liang, Simpla Mahato, Chris Hemmerich, and Andy Zelhof.  Liang (graduate student) and Mahato (research associate) are in Associate Professor Zelhof's lab; Hemmerich is a research associate with the IU Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics. [ article ]
  • Professor Armin Moczek and his former postdoctoral research associate Teiya Kijimoto have significantly advanced understanding of the genetic pathways controlling the appearance of different physical traits in the same species depending on nutritional conditions experienced during development. Their work is reported in PNAS. [ IU news release | abstract ]
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