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2009 Departmental Awards and Achievements

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Indiana University Staff Service Recognition
  • Melody Schell  – 10 years of service
  • Dee Verostko – 10 years of service
  • Linda Summers – 15 years of service
  • Pat Tinsley – 20 years of service
  • Gretchen Clearwater – 25 years of service
  • David Campbell – 25 years of service
  • Chris Willen – 35 years of service
Staff Merit Awards
  • Tammi Duzan
  • Peggy Graves
  • John Leichter
  • Melody Schell
  • Pat Tinsley
  • John Heavilon
  • Gretchen Clearwater
Staff recognized for community service
  • Mary Ann Miller - Served as Chairperson along with Co-Chairs Alice Eads, Anna Bednarski, and Kate Emblom for the IU Bloomington campus Daffodil Days Campaign with the Monroe County American Cancer Society. The IU campus community gave more than $7,500 reaching their goal set by the American Cancer Society.
  • Jessica Hooten - served as Captain of the IUB United Way Team 8. $698,841 was raised this year on campus.

Faculty (top)

  • Jim Bever - Professor
  • Scott Michaels - Associate Professor
  • Armin Moczek - Associate Professor
Trustees' Teaching Awards
  • Rich Hardy
  • Dave Nelson
  • Mike Tansey
  • Amy Berndtson
Faculty Honors
  • Mike Lynch elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Carl Bauer and Malcolm Winkler both were elected fellows of the American Academy of Microbiology.
Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award
  • Joe Pomerening
Welcome and congratulations to the following new faculty
  • Brian Calvi
  • Pranav Danthi
  • Cheng Kao
  • Soni Lacefield
  • Kristi Montooth
  • Rich Phillips
  • Nick Sokol
  • Andy Zelhof
  • Adam Zlotnick
  • Craig Pikaard - Carlos O. Miller Chair of Plant Growth & Development (Joining the department in July)       

Postdoctoral and Research Associates (top)

  • David Kabelik (postdoc, Goodson lab) has accepted a tenure-track position in Biology at Rhodes College in Memphis, beginning this fall.
  • Carolina Penalva-Arana – (current postdoc, Lynch lab) got an NIH Ruth Kirschstein pdoc fellowship
  • David Kysela (postdoc in Brun lab) has been awarded a NIH postdoctoral fellowship for his research on aging in bacteria.
  • Dr. Karen Chang (research associate, Min lab) will start her own lab at the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute, USC this fall.
  • Dr. Kristopher McConnell (Calvi lab) received a 3 year NIH post-doctoral fellowship (F32)

Graduate Students (top)

  • Brett Mattingly (who is getting his PhD this spring, Reynolds lab) has accepted a postdoc at Washington University, St. Louis.
  • Sarah Schaak – (recent PhD from here, Lynch lab) got an NSF postdoc fellowship in bioinformatics; also winner of the grad student poster award at last summer's Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution meeting.
  • Wenli Li – (current PhD student here, Lynch lab) finalist for the Fitch Award for the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (this is a big deal, usually going to an established postdoc), but she will be giving a society-wide talk in the first week of June, at which the winner will be announced.
  • Andrian Gutu and Animesh Shukla (Kehoe lab) have both received (or are slated to receive) a National Science Foundation IRES (International Research Experiences for Students in Molecular Ecology and Evolution of Marine Photosynthetic Organisms) Award for extended study of light responses in marine cyanobacteria at the CNRS Marine Biology Research Station in Roscoff, France.
  • Ryan Bezy (Kehoe lab) received the First Place award in the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the Indiana Branch Meeting of the American Society for Mircobiology.
  • Jamie Kang (Bever lab) received IU's first IUCU Dissertation Year Fellowship and is now in a postdoc at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
  • Wendy Taheri (Bever lab) held a visiting faculty position at Georgia Southern University
  • Jessica Duchicela (Bever lab) received a Dissertation Research Fellowship from Ecuador National Foundation of Science
  • Elizabeth Middleton (Watson/Bever labs) received a Teagle Foundation Collegium on Inquiry in Action Fellowship and a research grant from the Chicago Wilderness Society
  • Peter Zee (Bever lab) received a Scholarship for the Summer Institute for Statistical Genetics in Seattle.
  • Alison Bennett (former student in Bever lab) was offered a faculty position at the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Dundee, Scotland
  • Jef Akst (Wade lab) is currently a Science Writing Intern at The Scientist with her first story now out  She has also written a forthcoming profile of Thom Kaufman for The Alcade
  • Yaniv Brandvain (Wade lab) was awarded an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant written with the assistance of Leonie Moyle and Mike Wade
  • Helena Mendes Soares (Velicer lab) received a four-year PhD fellowship from the Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia (Foundation for Science and Technology) in Portugal.
  • Chris Muir (Moyle lab) received a $2000 Graduate Student Research Award from the Society for Systematic Biologists, an NSF predoctoral Graduate Research Fellowship, and the 2009 Heiser Graduate Fellowship ($1000).  Chris also is a co-author on in a February 2009 Science paper entitiled “Effects of Genetic Perturbation on Seasonal Life History Plasticity” (research done as a technician, prior to coming to IU).
  • Matt Stansbury (Moczek lab) and Mandy Brothers (Delph lab) received Evolution, Development & Genomics IGERT Fellowships.
  • CTRD NIH Trainees: Kristal Cain (Ketterson lab), Winnie Ho (Demas lab), and James Klatt (Goodson lab)
  • Kristal Cain (Ketterson lab) also received a $3000 award from the Indiana Academy of Science and  a DDIG Award.
  • Dawn O’Neal (Ketterson lab) received a $1500 Bleitz Research Award from the American Ornithologists’ Union.
  • Christy Bergeon (Demas/Ketterson lab) received a $475 Nathaniel R. Whitney, Jr. Small Research Grant from the South Dakota Ornithologists’ Union and a DDIG Award.
  • Jonathan Bauer (Reynolds lab) received an Amos W. Butler Audobon Society Grant for the summer.
  • Kayla King (Lively lab) received a grant from the Swiss Embassy in Washington to do research in Zurick for 3 months.  She also received 1000 dollars from the Society for the Study of Evolution to attend a conference in Italy.
  • Kim Storvik (Foster lab) will give a talk at the Indiana Branch of the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting, where she also came in first place in the PhD division poster contest.
  • Timothy Greives (Demas lab) received a 2009 Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN) Young Investigator Award.
  • Dustin Reichard (Ketterson lab) received an NSF Fellowship.
  • Pauline Manhes (Velicer lab) received a one-year research grant of $2437 from the Indiana Academy of Sciences.
  • Ben Blackman (Rieseberg lab) has been awarded an NSF postdoctoral research fellowship; he’ll be working with John Willis at Duke and Dan Rokhsar at Berkeley/JGI.
  • Saul Nava (Martins lab) is starting a new Postdoc position with John Dowling at Harvard this fall.
  • Britt Koskella (Lively lab) took a fancy postdoc at Oxford University last fall.
  • Pangkong Moua (Walczak lab) will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago
  • Rania Rizk (Walczak lab) had the cover of MBOC in March along with co-authors Sid Shaw and Jim Powers.  She will also start a postdoc position at the University of Chicago this summer.
  • Incoming PhD student Meghan Midgley (Phillips lab) received an Indiana Space Grant Consortium (INSGC), funded by NASA.  The
    Fellowship is designed to look at the distribution and abundance of
    tree species in southern Indiana forests using remote sensing.
Outstanding Associate Instructors
  • Shera Lesly (Pomerening)
  • Arthur Luhur (Pomerening)
  • Jennifer Richardson (Delph)
  • Kaila Schollaert (Nelson)
Internal Fellowships
  • Graduate students who received partial CISAB fellowships for next year:

    • Karen Bohorquez (Smith)     
    • Ian Hall   (Hurley)
    • Harald Parzer (Moczek)            
    • Mayte Ruiz (Martins/Demas)
    • Aubrey Kelly (Goodson)
    • Nicole Gerlach (Ketterson)
    • Jacqueline Ho (Demas)
  • Meghan Midgley (Phillips lab) received the following awards: 1. Travel Grant from the Center for Research in Environmental Sciences (CRES) to attend the Summer Course on Flux Measurements and Advanced Modeling the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station in Colorado. 2. Sears Crowell Scholarship
  • Yannick Jacob (Michaels lab), Ben Blackman (Rieseberg lab) and Brett Mattingly (Reynolds lab) each were awarded Plant Biology Final Year Fellowships

In honor and remembrance (faculty, grads, & staff) (top)

  • Colleague Mee-Rye Cha passed away February 27, 2009. 
  • Former graduate student, Johanna Kolodzieiski, passed away February 3, 2009. 
  • Former staff member (worked in glassware/media area) Jerry Wilson passed away January 16, 2009.
  • Former colleague Karen Muskavitch passed away January 12, 2009.
  • Former Distinguished Professor Emeritus Anthony San Pietro passed away September 13, 2008.
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