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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Biology Student Awards Ceremony 2014

Biology congratulates the departmental award recipients listed below who were honored at an awards ceremony on Friday, May 2, 2014, at 3:30 p.m. in Jordan Hall. A reception took place in the atrium after the ceremony.

View a slide show of photos from the reception.

Undergraduate Awards

  • Biology Undergraduate Research Award
    Raymond C. Parrish II (Mentor: Curt Lively)
    Paper: “The Integral Role of Genetic Exchange in the Evolution of Outcrossing”
    Hometown: Peru, Indiana
  • Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship
    Grace M. Crain
    Hometown: Grabill, Indiana
  • Clark (Howard W.) Scholarship
    Grace M. Crain
    Hometown: Grabill, Indiana
  • Crowell (Sears) Undergraduate Scholarship
    Leah Widdicombe
    Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Eigenmann (Carl H.) Scholarship
    Radhika Agarwal
    Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
  • Ferguson (Arlene) Internship at Hilltop Gardens
    Grace M. Crain
    Hometown: Grabill, Indiana
  • Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award
    Raymond C. Parrish II (Mentor: Curt Lively)
    Paper: “The Integral Role of Genetic Exchange in the Evolution of Outcrossing”
    Hometown: Peru, Indiana
  • Grossman (Rex) Scholarship
    Raymond C. Parrish II
    Hometown: Peru, Indiana
  • Indiana Daffodil Society Scholarship
    Grace M. Crain
    Hometown: Grabill, Indiana
  • McClung (L.S.) Scholarships in Microbiology
    Zachary Rokop
    Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
    Emma Winkler
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Microbiology Undergraduate Summer Research Program Awards
    Zachary Rokop (Mentor: Irene Newton)
    Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
    Emma Winkler (Mentor: Cheng Kao)
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Mower (Alfred Parson) Undergraduate Student Award
    Rishi Sethia
    Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
  • Outstanding Honors Thesis Award
    Kayla Mitman (Mentor: Curt Lively)
    Thesis Title: “Evolution of Attenuated Aggression in a Host-Parasite Model System”
    Hometown: Angola, Indiana
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award
    Andrew Johnson for his work with Susan Hengeveld’s Biology L112 Biological Mechanisms class
    Hometown: McCordsville, Indiana

Graduate Student Awards

  • Brackenridge (George W.) Fellowship
    Marta Shocket
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Crowell (Sears) Scholarship for Graduate Students
    Natalie Christian
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Floyd Award for Outstanding Publication in Microbiology
    Chao Jiang (Mentor: Yves Brun)
    Publication title: “Sequential Evolution of Bacterial Morphology by Co-Option of a Developmental Regulator"
  • Floyd/Ogg/Cleland Final Year Fellowship
    Laura Weingartner
  • Frey (David G.) Memorial Fund Award
    Rachel Hanauer
    Hometown: Muncie, Indiana
  • Heiser (Charles) Fellowship
    Elizabeth Koziol
  • Hoover (Louise Constable) Fellowships
    Alison Ossip-Klein
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
    Delawrence J. Sykes
    Hometown: Bedford, Ohio
    Erica M. Waters
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Hudock (George) Fellowship
    Melissa A. Horton
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana 
  • Konetzka (Walter A.) Fellowships
    Natasha Gebhart
    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana 
    Brynn Heckel
    Hometown: Seattle, Washington
    Erkin Kuru
  • Microbiology Retreat Presentation Awards
    Best Oral Presentation: Mario Muscarella (Mentor: Jay Lennon)
    Best Poster Presentations: Ian S. Barton (Mentor: Clay Fuqua) and Dhriti Sinha Mukherjee (Mentor: Malcolm Winkler)
  • Mower (Alfred Parson) Graduate Student Award
    Bitan Mohari
    Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Outstanding Associate Instructor Award
    Wesley Beaulieu for his work in Mike Tansey’s L111 Diversity, Evolution, and Ecology and B352 Fungi Laboratory classes
    Hometown: West Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Putnam (Frank W.) Research Award
    Megan Kingsolver
    Hometown: Frankfort, Indiana
  • Roessler (William G.) Scholarship
    Sampriti Mukherjee
    Hometown: Kolkata, India
  • Schwartz (Drew) Fellowship
    Neha P. Paranjape
    Hometown: Nagpur, India
  • Taylor (Milton) Fellowship in Virology
    Zhijing Huang
    Hometown: Shanghai, China 

Faculty Award

  • Senior Class Award for Teaching Excellence in Biology and Dedication to Undergraduates
    Armin Moczek
    Professor of Biology
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