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Department of Biology

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Mechanisms of Behavior Research Group

Behavior faculty in the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior (EEB) Program work on a wide range of questions related to mechanisms including hormonal, neural, genetic, immune, and developmental factors that contribute to behavioral regulation and behavioral phenotypes. Our experimental approaches range from long-term field studies to RNA interference, and include many things in between—such as neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and behavioral genetics.

Our research is conducted within the broader contexts of evolution and ecology, and thus the highly collegial and interactive EEB group provides an excellent intellectual environment for our work, as does the interdisciplinary Center for the Integrative Studies of Animal Behavior (CISAB), which boasts more than 50 faculty affiliates from across the IU campus. Graduate students who are interested in our Mechanisms of Behavior group typically apply to the EEB program, although some students may choose other programs in Biology.

Mechanism of Behavior Research Group Labs

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