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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Biofilm formation.

Several IU microbiologists study bacterial multicellular behavior, such as biofilm formation.

green cells on a dark blue background

Current News

  • Professor Dan Tracey, Assistant Scientist Stephanie Mauthner, and colleagues have found that a suite of genes in both fruit flies and humans—including one dubbed "smoke alarm"—plays a role in nerve sensitivity. The study could help lead to new drug targets in pain management. [ IU news release | article ]
  • Associate Professor Nick Sokol and collaborators published an eLife article on the relationship between developmental timing and oncogenesis: young neural stem cells are oncogenic but this potential diminishes as animals age and downregulate temporal factors, including the RNA-binding protein LIN-28 and its mRNA targets. [ article ]
  • Studies on dark-eyed juncos have shed new light on mechanics of testosterone-mediated evolution—showing that the testes may play a more important role in evolution than previously thought. The research, led by Assistant Professor Kimberly Rosvall, has produced two recent papers. Co-authors are Christine Bergeon Burns, Sonya Jayaratna, Emma Dossey, and Ellen Ketterson. [ IU news release | paper 1 abstract | paper 2 abstract ]
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