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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology


IU Biology faculty work on many organisms, including model organisms such as Daphnia pulex.

Daphnia pulex (sideways)

Current News

  • On Dec. 12 Biology professors Roger Hangarter and Yves Brun and colleagues will give public presentations about their projects that earned each of their teams IU's Outstanding Faculty Collaborative Research Award. [ IU news release ]
  • Published in PLOS Genetics is the article 'The actomyosin machinery is required for Drosophila retinal lumen formation' by graduate student Jing Nie, research scientist Simpla Mahato, and Assistant Professor Andrew C. Zelhof. An image from the article was featured on the journal index page of the 09/18/2014 issue. [ article ]
  • Postdoc Natasha Sherman, undergrad Anna Victorine, Richard Wang, and Associate Professor Leonie Moyle's article 'Interspecific tests of allelism reveal the evolutionary timing and pattern of accumulation of reproductive isolation mutations' has been published in PLOS Genetics. [ article ]
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