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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology


IU Biology faculty work on many organisms, including model organisms such as Daphnia pulex.

Daphnia pulex (sideways)

Current News

  • An image from Professor Greg Demas and graduate student Elizabeth Carlton’s article, "Ecoimmunology for psychoneuroimmunologists: Considering context in neuroendocrine–immune–behavior interactions," graces the cover of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. [ cover | article ]
  • Beetle Mania: Indiana University Alumni Magazine covers Professor Armin Moczek, his research with beetles, and why beetles are a model system to
    learn more about various aspects of evolutionary developmental biology. [ IUAM cover | IUAM article ]
  • Professor Matthew Hahn and colleagues have published two articles in Science on speciation and evolution in mosquitoes. Graduate student James Pease is co-first-author on one of them and graduate student Gregg Thomas contributed to the other. [ news coverage | cover ]
  • More news »
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