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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology


IU Biology faculty work on many organisms, including model organisms such as Daphnia pulex.

Daphnia pulex (sideways)

Current News

  • Postdoc Eduardo Zattara (Moczek Lab) has been awarded the 2015 Gill Image Award for his image titled "Pre-metamorphic horned beetle brain." [ image | image description ]
  • Professor Craig Pikaard has been awarded the 2015 Martin Gibbs Medal from the American Society of Plant Biologists, one of the highest honors in plant biology. The medal is presented biennially to an individual who has pioneered advances that have served to establish new directions of investigation in the plant sciences. [ announcement ]
  • Professor Armin Moczek, former postdoc Emilie Snell-Rood, and colleagues contribute to special issue on developmental plasticity and evolution in Heredity. [ special issue | contributed manuscripts ]
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